Awakening by Peter gray

 When Ava Miller is offered a position as a part-time governess for the Riley household, she can hardly refuse such a kind offer, especially when it is made by a handsome gentleman that seems to have eyes only for her. Ignorant of the master of the house's true intentions, Ava is soon caught up in a web of lies, passion, and undeniable lust. Will she be able to stop herself from giving into temptation, or will it be too late?

‘Awakening’ by Peter gray is really an engaging suspense novel where you can find a combination of genres. A triangle of love, mystery, issues, twists , all the elements are presented in one book. 

As the story unfolds, the readers will get to know that apart from suspense, the story also serves a great passion for love. As there are many characters ( not too many), all the supporting characters play an important role to present this story beautifully. This is one such suspenseful book that keeps the reader guessing right to the end. 

Read this interesting book where the mystery, suspense, love, hate won’t make you feel bored at all. The characters are well described and the writing style is good, the way the story is written is intriguing. The author did a wonderful job of telling a heart wrenching story while still keeping it entertaining. The Modern day family issues are portrayed in a twisted box. Somehow, the readers can relate with them. Overall, I liked the presentation and the story like I did with her other two stories. 


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